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About Our Company

Madhavi Micro Minerals Pvt Ltd started a few decades ago in Kadapa District as a manufacture of different minerals of supreme quality. The company sustained its efforts towards excellence and innovation in the industrial arena. We understand our clients and deliver the products based on their requirements. With Barytes as the initial product, we have grown up as multi product company catering our products like Clacite, China Clay, Dolomite, Red Oxide and Talc across the globe. We follow the best manufacturing practices and hence became the predominant provider of wide range of mineral products and chemicals.

Baryte as its initial product the company expanded its production of other earth minerals like Quartz and Talc, delivering to many parts of our country. The company has made an initial attempt of producing Baryte Powder using pulverizing machines in the early 90s.

Apart from Barytes and Talc, the company is growing as a top supplier of different grade products. Keeping in view the quality of products and service, the company has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence & Good Service by many well recognized Drilling & Paint Generation Giants. On the top, Madhavi Minerals Pvt Ltd values its customers as they are always the biggest achievement to the company.

Madhavi Minerals deals in a wide range of minerals like: Barytes Calcite China Clay Dolomite Red Oxide Talc Silica. These products are extensively used by different industries from textiles, plastic, rubber, adhesive to paper, printing ink and paints.

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver the best quality products to our clients and turn into the world's best respected minerals supplier. To be a leading R&D department who is committed to develop new or improved minerals or processes through research findings. We also upgrade as per our client requirements and deliver new products to them.

Our Mission

We assure to produce the best quality products to our clients without any compromise and achieve the customer delight.