Baryte or barite is one of the common mineral found in association with ores of cobalt, silver, lead, antimony and manganese. It is the non metallic minerals that can be easily identified anywhere on the earth. It is extracted by both surface and underground mining. The primary users of baryte minerals are oil and gas industries. They use these minerals as a weighing agent in drilling mud.

Madhavi Micro Minerals Ltd produces White and Grey barytes and are known for high purity. White color Barytes are generally used in paint, paper, rubber and chemical industries while the grey barytes are used by oil & gas industries.

Baryte Properties

  • High gloss.
  • High refractive index.
  • Excellent filling power.
  • High resistant to weathering and chemical.
  • Low oil absorption rate.

Baryte Applications

About 80% in the world use Baryte as a weighing agent in the process of oil drilling and gas exploration. Few applications of Baryte are:

  • It is used as pigment in paints.
  • Used as a filler for paper, rubber and cloth.
  • It is considered as the primary ore of barium and is used to make wide variety of barium compounds.
  • It had added value applications which include the car, electronics, TV screen, rubber, etc.