Talc is one of the most familiar mineral that is widely used in preparation of talcum powder. It has the ability to absorb the moisture, oil and odor. It is a hydrous magnesium silicate mineral with chemical composition of Mg3Si4O10(OH)2. It is considered as the main ingredient in preparation of baby powder, foot powder, first aid powder and different cosmetics. As it has soft properties, it is been used in making ornamental along with practical objects.

Madhavi Minerals identifies and procure the mineral from right source. The company takes a great care during the mining process so as to avoid the contamination of the talc with other rock materials. As contamination can introduce hard particles to that talc and cause problems in its applications. We take the partially crushed rock from mine to the mill and is further reduced in particle size. Impurities are removed by froth flotation or mechanical process and then delivered to our customers as per their requirements.


Talc Properties

  • Talc has a low re-activity

  • It is not flammable

  • It does not react with water or air

  • It is available in pale green, white, gray white, yellowish white, brownish white colors.

Talc Applications

Most of the products that are used as daily basis are produced from talc. Following are the special roles played by talc.

  • It is mainly used in manufacturing of plastics and as filler.

  • It is used in the manufacturing of ceramic products like bathroom fixtures, ceramic tile, pottery and dinnerware.

  • It is used as an extender as the platy shape of talc particles improves the suspension of solids and adhere to wall without sagging.

  • It is used as a mineral fillers as it can improve the opacity, brightness and whiteness of the paper.