Silica is the other name for the compound silicon dioxide and is the main component used in preparation of glass. Making of glass objects using silica dates back to centuries. Silica makes up the mineral known as quartz and is the most abundant mineral in earth's crust. It has many industrial uses. It is used as abrasives, building materials, fillers, electronics and water filtration.

Silica Properties

  • Silica turns to be solid and crystallized mineral under normal temperature & pressure.

  • Pure silica is colorless.

  • It has high melting and boiling points.

Silica Applications

  • Due to its extending and low oil absorption features, silica is used in the manufacturing of wood filler.

  • Due to excellent wearing resistance, it is used in traffic paint for making roadway.

  • It is also widely used as an exterior paint.

  • It is used as basic raw material in manufacturing of glass.