Red Oxide also called as Iron Oxide is red in color and lusterless. It is the basic mineral for steel plant and is most widely occurring mineral in nature. It is commonly used in construction, painting and other industries. Good quality with high percentage of iron oxide is available in different regions in India.

Red Oxides play a major role in geological and biological processes. These are widely spread in nature and are used as durable pigments in paints, coatings and colored concretes.

Red Oxide Properties

  • It is known for its corrosion protection.

  • Has high durability and hence used in building materials.

  • It is both synthetic and natural.

Red Oxide Applications

  • Red Oxide is used in every type of paint, primer, undercoat and powder coat.

  • It is used as pigment in tiles, floor tiles, flooring products, ceramic pottery, etc.

  • This high synthetic mineral is used in plastic & rubber industry.